Who we are?

    AM Diamonds - is a home for unique luxury jewelry designers that are set with cultured diamonds that are laboratory diamonds that are produced in a precise procedure in dedicated laboratories, and undergo the same polishing process as a natural diamond. The difference between cultured diamonds and earth diamonds is only the habitat - a mined rough diamond comes from the earth, a cultured rough diamond is created in a laboratory.

    It is not possible for the human eye to distinguish or differentiate between a cultured laboratory diamond and a soil diamond. Cultured diamonds encourage sustainability and environmental protection. In the case of mined diamonds - in every diamond mine that is abandoned, mainly in Africa, a worthless crater is left that harms the environmental fabric of every area where diamonds were mined. Moreover, purchasing cultured diamonds is a safe way to avoid exploiting diamond miners in third world countries or accidentally purchasing "blood diamonds".

    Setting jewelry with cultured diamonds makes it possible to purchase amazing jewelry that used to be the share of only the top decile.

    Love Diamonds allows more people in the world to purchase diamond studded jewelry and more people to purchase larger, more beautiful and impressive diamonds.

    If the customer prefers a natural diamond, we also specialize in natural diamonds, so that we make sure to answer every demand of our customers.

    We understand that jewelry is precious beyond just the materials and endeavor to make your experience with us as exceptional as the moment you are celebrating. We create real connections with our clients.

    We guarantee an outstanding experience due to our knowledge of the industry, credentials, continuing education, high ethical standards, awareness of ethics, and our passion for jewelry.

    We offer quality experiences with high-quality jewelry for special occasions that are skillfully manufactured, exclusively designed, and special in order to last forever.